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Top 10 Tamil movies

Tamil industry is second largest film industry in the country with terms of movies produced, revenues generated and worldwide distribution. Its headquarters are based in Kodambkam district of Chennai. This industry has travelled a long era of almost a century since its beginning and has given many movies which are marked as milestones of Tamil cinema. Here we can discuss top 10 Tamil movies:

1.       Nayakam: This movie was written directed and produced by Mani Ratnam. It’s a real life story of a gangster and Kamal Hasan received Best actor national award for his excellent acting as Velu Naiker. Maniratnam’s script, Ilayraja’s music. Kamal hasan’s performance and PC Sriram’s cinematography all together created a masterpiece of Tamil cinema.

2.       Moondram Pirai: The movie is about a young woman who loses her memory in an accident and is rescued by a young school teacher who takes care of her and falls in love with her but the girl disables to recognise him after she gets cured. Kamal Hasan and Sridevi both acted really well.

3.       Ratha Kanneer: It presents a foreign return that is actually as bad as nothing else can be. Theme, story, concept, line and performance make it a classic in Tamil cinema.

4.       Utharipookal:  This movie was released in 1979 and it’s about wicked Sundararaman. He is head of village and belongs to most powerful family of village. Direction and dialogues of this movie are finest and are considered as path breaking ones in Tamil Industry.

5.       Parasakthi: It was released in 1952. It’s about three brothers who settled in Burma but returns India when Japan attacks Burma. The movie has very good dialogues, performances and social message. Chief Minister Karunanidhi acted really well in the movie. It’s a must watch movie of Tamil cinema.

6.        Mullum malaram: It was released in 1978. It revolves around an English engineer and boorish villager. Rajnikanth has showed amazing talent as villager.

7.       The Duo: Its Maniratnam movie on real life rivalry of M.G Ramchandran (actor and ex chief minister) and M. Karunanidhi (current chief minister). Prakashraj and mohanlal gave breathtaking performances and direction of Maniratnam, music of AR Rehman and cinematography of Santosh Sivan are outstanding. The Duo is Maniratnam’s signature in every frame.

8.       Hey Ram: Hey Ram was a very controversial work by Kamal Hasan but the performance, art direction and direction of movie has made it so perfect that its technical perfection matches Hollywood. Its story of saketh Ram whose wife was raped and killed in Calcutta’s Direction action day riots and he was convinced that Mahatma Gandhi was responsible for this and he decided to kill him.

9.       Chandra: Its 1948 movie about two princesses and one dancer. It was most expensive movie of its time because of its lavish sets and fighting scenes. It was pasteurised in Gemini studio.

10.   Kannathil Muthamittal: Maniratnam brought this movie in 2002. It’s about a girl who was adopted by an Indian couple. When she comes to know she tries to learn about her biological family.